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Hey there,

engravephysique.com, is founded and managed by Shanesh Dimantha, who is a Degree holder in physical therapy from faculty of medicine, University of Colombo. Not only that he has a great enthusiasm in strength and endurance training from childhood with his father’s military background.

engravephysique.com was born with the intention of giving guides, information and everything needed for our readers to build a good physique, combining different exercise methods as simple as possible.

Here you will find information related to bodyweight/ calisthenics training, cross fit, cardio and other weight training exercises also. 

We extremely believe, in the journey of getting fit, we need to focus on several domains, not only a single area like just calisthenics or just gym training. 

Shanesh is also very passionate in calisthenics, but in the fitness journey he  tries to combine simple weighted exercises also to his calisthenics routines. With that he was also able to see nice faster results with less risk of injuries.

We know the majority of people in the world dream of building a good physique, but time is a huge barrier to them. Especially with their busy day today schedules. 

With engravephysique.com, not only huge fitness enthusiasts, we try to address those busy sets of people also.

engravephysique.com will be built with the contribution of experts in different fields. Especially the experts in nutrition contribute to dietary guides while medical officers in different fields contribute to make our goal a success. 

Because Shanesh is a student from a medical faculty, he had that great opportunity to build professional relationships with experts in different health sectors and now he was able to get their expertise to build engravephysique.com also.

We invite you to stay tuned with engravephysique.com, because our goal is to bring all the needed information from one spot to you in the journey of getting fit!!